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New - Beans
One of my colleagues asked for these. I know more than a few teachers who use beans for math activities. I hope these help.
Kidney Bean
Black-eyed Pea
Lima Bean
Navy Bean
kidney bean
black-eyed pea
lima bean
navy bean
Bowl with Kidney Beans Bowl with Black-eyed Peas
kidney beans, bowl black-eyed peas, bowl
Bowl with Lima Beans Bowl with Navy Beans
lima beans, bowl navy beans, bowl
Orange Bowl Green Bowl
bowl, orange bowl, green
Blue Bowl Red Bowl
bowl, blue bowl, red
Blue Plate  
plate, blue  

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Ladybird Spots    
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Lady Bird Beetle Zero Spots Lady Bird Beetle One Spot Lady Bird Beetle Two Spots Lady Bird Beetle Three Spots
zero, lady bird beetle, counting spots
one, lady bird beetle, counting spots
two, lady bird beetle, counting spots
three, lady bird beetle, counting spots
Lady Bird Beetle Four Spots Lady Bird Beetle Five Spots Lady Bird Beetle Six Spots Lady Bird Beetle Seven Spots
four, lady bird beetle, counting spots
five, lady bird beetle, counting spots
six, lady bird beetle, counting spots
seven, lady bird beetle, counting spots
Lady Bird Beetle Eight Spots Lady Bird Beetle Nine Spots Lady Bird Beetle Ten Spots Lady Bird Beetle Twelve Spots
eight, lady bird beetle, counting spots
nine, lady bird beetle, counting spots
ten, lady bird beetle, counting spots
twelve, lady bird beetle, counting spots

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Die with One Pip on Face Die with Two Pips on Face Die with Three Pips on Face
die with one pip, dice, cube die with two pips, dice, cube die with three pips, dice, cube
Die with Four Pips on Face Die with Five Pips on Face Die with Six Pips on Face
die with four pip, dice, cube die with five pips, dice, cube die with six pips, dice, cube

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Clevon the Clock 12:00 Clevon the Clock 1:00 Clevon the Clock 2:00 Clevon the Clock 3:00
clock, 12:00, twelve o'clock
clock, 1:00, one o'clock
clock, 2:00, two o'clock
clock, 3:00, three o'clock
Clevon the Clock 4:00 Clevon the Clock 5:00 Clevon the Clock 6:00 Clevon the Clock 7:00
clock, 4:00, four o'clock
clock, 5:00, five o'clock
clock, 6:00, six o'clock
clock, 7:00, seven o'clock
Clevon the Clock 8:00 Clevon the Clock 9:00 Clevon the Clock 10:00 Clevon the Clock 11:00
clock, 8:00, eight o'clock
clock, 9:00, nine o'clock
clock, 10:00, ten o'clock
clock, 11:00, eleven o'clock
Clevon the Clock Clevon Hour Hand
Clevon Hour Hand
Clevon Minute Hand
clock, hour hand
Clevon Minute Hand
clock face
clock, minute hand  
hour hand
minute hand
Center Rotate Minute Hand (transparent extension)
clock, center rotate minute hand (has transparent extension) clock, center rotate hour hand (has transparent extension)
Clevon the Clock 12:30 Clevon the Clock 1:30 Clevon the Clock 2:30 Clevon the Clock 3:30
clock, 12:30, twelve-thirty,
half past twelve
clock, 1:30, one-thirty,
half past one
clock, 2:30, two-thirty,
half past two
clock, 3:30, three-thirty,
half past three
Clevon the Clock 4:30 Clevon the Clock 5:30 Clevon the Clock 6:30 Clevon the Clock 7:30
clock, 4:30, four-thirty,
half past four
clock, 5:30, five-thirty,
half past five
clock, 6:30, six-thirty,
half past six
clock, 7:30, seven-thirty,
half past seven
Clevon the Clock 8:30 Clevon the Clock 9:30 Clevon the Clock 10:30 Clevon the Clock 11:30
clock, 8:30, eight-thirty,
half past eight
clock, 9:30, nine-thirty,
half past nine
clock, 10:30, ten-thirty,
half past ten
clock, 11:30, eleven-thirty,
half past eleven
Clevon the Clock 12:15 Clevon the Clock 12:45 Clevon the Clock 1:15 Clevon the Clock 1:45
clock, 12:15, twelve fifteen,
quarter past twelve
clock, 12:45, twelve forty-five,
quarter to one
clock, 1:15, one fifteen,
quarter past one
clock, 1:45, one forty-five,
quarter to two
Clevon the Clock 2:15 Clevon the Clock 2:45 Clevon the Clock 3:15 Clevon the Clock 3:45
clock, 2:15, two fifteen,
quarter past two
clock, 2:45, two forty-five,
quarter to three
clock, 3:15, three fifteen,
quarter past three
clock, 3:45, three forty-five,
quarter to four
Clevon the Clock 4:15 Clevon the Clock 4:45 Clevon the Clock 5:15 Clevon the Clock 5:45
clock, 4:15, four fifteen,
quarter past four
clock, 4:45, four forty-five,
quarter to five
clock, 5:15, five fifteen,
quarter past five
clock, 5:45, five forty-five,
quarter to six
Clevon the Clock 6:15 Clevon the Clock 6:45 Clevon the Clock 7:15 Clevon the Clock 7:45
clock, 6:15, six fifteen,
quarter past six
clock, 6:45, six forty-five,
quarter to seven
clock, 7:15, seven fifteen,
quarter past seven
clock, 7:45, seven forty-five,
quarter to eight
Clevon the Clock 8:15 Clevon the Clock 8:45 Clevon the Clock 9:15 Clevon the Clock 9:45
clock, 8:15, eight fifteen,
quarter past eight
clock, 8:45, eight forty-five,
quarter to nine
clock, 9:15, nine fifteen,
quarter past nine
clock, 9:45, nine forty-five,
quarter to ten
Clevon the Clock 10:15 Clevon the Clock 10:45 Clevon the Clock 11:15 Clevon the Clock 11:45
clock, 10:15, ten fifteen,
quarter past ten
clock, 10:45, ten forty-five,
quarter to eleven
clock, 11:15, eleven fifteen,
quarter past eleven
clock, 11:45, eleven forty-five,
quarter to twelve

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Domino 0-1
Domino 0-2
Domino 0-3
domino zero-one
domino zero-two
domino zero-three
Domino 0-4
Domino 0-5
Domino 0-6
domino zero-four
domino zero-five
domino zero-six
Domino 1-1
Domino 1-2
Domino 1-3
domino one-one
domino one-two
domino one-three
Domino 1-4
Domino 1-5
Domino 1-6
domino one-four
domino one-five
domino one-six
Domino 2-1
Domino 2-2
Domino 2-3
domino two-one
domino two-two

domino two-three

Domino 2-4
Domino 2-5
Domino 2-6
domino two-four
domino two-five

domino two-six

Domino 3-1
Domino 3-2
Domino 3-3
domino three-one
domino three-two

domino three-three

Domino 3-4
Domino 3-5
Domino 3-6
domino three-four
domino three-five

domino three-six

Domino 4-1
Domino 4-2
Domino 4-3
domino four-one
domino four-two

domino four-three

Domino 4-4
Domino 4-5
Domino 4-6
domino four-four
domino four-five

domino four-six

Domino 5-1
Domino 5-2
Domino 5-3
domino five-one
domino five-two

domino five-three

Domino 5-4
Domino 5-5
Domino 5-6
domino five-four
domino five-five

domino five-six

Domino 6-1
Domino 6-2
Domino 6-3
domino six-one
domino six-two

domino six-three

Domino 6-4
Domino 6-5
Domino 6-6
domino six-four
domino six-five

domino six-six

Domino 1-0
Domino 2-0
Domino 3-0
domino one-zero
domino two-zero

domino three-zero

Domino 4-0
Domino 5-0
Domino 6-0
domino four-zero
domino five-zero

domino six-zero

Domino 0-0
domino zero-zero

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Positional Words  
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Positional Word Drawing - Behind Positional Word Drawing - In Front Positional Word Drawing - Inside
behind, positional word, dog, doghouse in front, positional word, dog, doghouse inside, positional word, dog, doghouse
Positional Word Drawing - Beside Left Positional Word Drawing - Beside Right Positional Word Drawing - On Top
beside left, positional word, dog, doghouse beside right, positional word, dog, doghouse above, on top, positional word, dog, doghouse
Positional Word Drawing - Between Positional Word Drawing - Under
between, positional word, dog, doghouse, wheelbarrow under, below, beneath, positional word, dog, doghouse, wheelbarrow

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plating card ace
playing card two
playing card three
playing card four
playing card five
playing card six
playing cards playing cards playing cards
playing card seven
playing card eight
playing card nine
playing card ten
school lunch menu
playing cards playing cards school menu
geoboard seven

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whole pizza
pizza half
pizza half
pizza fourth pizza fourth
pizza fourth pizza fourth
whole pizza, fractions pizza halves, fractions pizza fourths, fractions
pizza eighth - one
pizza eighth - two
pizza eighth - three
pizza eighth - number one pizza eighth - number two pizza eighth - number three
pizza eighth - four
pizza eighth - five
pizza eighth - six
pizza eighth - number four pizza eighth - number five pizza eighth - number six
pizza eighth - seven
pizza eighth - eight
pizza eighth - number seven pizza eighth - number eight graham cracker, fractions
graham cracker one-piece
graham cracker two-pieces
graham cracker three-pieces
graham cracker, fractions graham cracker, fractions graham cracker, fractions
fraction one-third
fraction two-thirds
fraction three-thirds
one-third two-thirds three-thirds
fraction one-sixth
fraction two-sixths
fraction three-sixths
one-sixth two-sixths three-sixths
fraction four-sixths
fraction five-sixths
fraction six-sixths
four-sixths five-sixths six-sixths
fraction pentagon multi-color
fraction fifths pentagon
fraction one-fifth red pentagon
fifths fifths one-fifth
fraction two-fifths red pentagon
fraction three-fifths red pentagon
fraction four-fifths red pentagon
two-fifths three-fifths four-fifths
fraction five-fifths red pentagon
fraction one-half pentagon
fraction tenths pentagon
five-fifths one-half tenths
fraction one-tenth blue pentagon
fraction one-fifth blue pentagon
fraction two-tenths blue pentagon
one-tenth one-fifth two-tenths
fraction three-tenths blue pentagon
fraction two-fifths blue pentagon
fraction four-tenths blue pentagon
three-tenths two-fifths four-tenths
fraction five-tenths blue pentagon
fraction three-fifths blue pentagon
fraction six-tenths blue pentagon
five-tenths three-fifths six-tenths
fraction seven-tenths blue pentagon
fraction four-fifths blue pentagon
fraction eight-tenths blue pentagon
seven-tenths four-fifths eight-tenths
fraction nine-tenths blue pentagon fraction five-fifths blue pentagon fraction ten-tenths blue pentagon
nine-tenths five-fifths ten-tenths

Fraction Circles  

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fraction circle sixteenths multi-color
fraction circle halves
fraction circle fourths
fraction circle eighths
sixteenths halves fourths eighths
fraction circle sixteenths
fraction circle one-sixteenth green
fraction circle one-eighth green
fraction circle two-sixteenth green
sixteenths one-sixteenth one-eighth two-sixteenths
fraction circle three-sixteenths green fraction circle one-fourth green fraction circle two-eighths green fraction circle four-sixteenths green
three-sixteenths one-fourth two-eighths four-sixteenths
fraction circle five-sixteenths green
fraction circle three-eighths green
fraction circle six-sixteenths green
fraction circle seven-sixteenths green
five-sixteenths three-eighths six-sixteenths seven-sixteenths
fraction circle one-half green
fraction circle two-fourths green
fraction circle four-eighths green
fraction circle eight-sixteenths green
one-half two-fourths four-eighths eight-sixteenths
fraction circle nine-sixteenths green
fraction circle five-eighths green
fraction circle ten-sixteenths green
fraction circle eleven-sixteenths green
nine-sixteenths five-eighths ten-sixteenths eleven-sixteenths
fraction circle three-fourths green
fraction circle six-eighths green
fraction circle twelve-sixteenths green
fraction circle thirteen-sixteenths green
three-fourths six-eighths twelve-sixteenths thirteen-sixteenths
fraction circle seven-eighths green
fraction circle fourteen-sixteenths green
fraction circle fifteen-sixteenths green
fraction circle two-halves green
seven-eighths fourteen-sixteenths fifteen-sixteenths two-halves
fraction circle four-fourths green
fraction circle eight-eighths green
fraction circle sixteen-sixteenths green
fraction circle eight-sixteenths alternating green
four-fourths eight-eighths sixteen-sixteenths eight-sixteenths

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