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About EduPic    
EduPic Graphical Resource was launched in September 2006 as a source of free images for teachers and their students. Now with over 6000 different photographs and education illustrations, EduPic is used everyday all over the world. All the photographs are taken, and all the drawing and web publishing is done, outside of my day job as an educational professional. I will continue to explore our world (as my limited teacher salary budget allows) in search of new images, draw new illustrations, and publish whenever I can. If you like what you see, you can now purchase some of my images on Etsy.   Me at the Grand Canyon
Free Use of Images on Edupic
Student Holding a Cockroach   The images on EduPic are "free for use by educational professionals and the students they serve without permission." Educational professionals would include those persons employed by a school, public or private, and college or university, (i.e. teachers, media specialists, administrators, etc.) with regular direct contact with students. Students may use the images on EduPic for any educational purpose, even in published and distributed works, such as a student created website or conference poster. Educational use would also include public service education such as might be done by environmental education centers, churches, and other non-profit organizations. If you are not sure, please ask. I enjoy getting emails from people who want to use my images!

For Publishers    

EduPic images have been used in a various publications from library edition non-fiction texts and textbooks, to online testing applications and educational videos. In many instances, permission was given for free use in exchange for attribution and a copy of the material. This depends first on the for-profit status of the publisher, second on the run and circulation of the material, and finally on the material's value in getting the word out about EduPic. Regardless, any use other than by "educational professionals and the students they serve" is by prior persmission only.

  Some of My Publications
Partial List of Publications:    
"Intruders Among Us, Nonnative Aquatic Species in the Columbia River Basin", Portland, Oregon: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. January 2009.    
Brown, Robert F. Missouri, Gateway to the West. Atlanta, GA: Clairmont Press, 2010.    
"Panorama Calendar", Plano Profile. June 2009.    
The Journey to Palomar. Prod. Mason Productions: PBS Home Video, 2009.    
Petrie, Kristen. Box Elder Bugs. Edina, Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Company, 2009.    
Petrie, Kristen. Flies. Edina, Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Company, 2009.    
Petrie, Kristen. Walking Sticks. Edina, Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Company, 2009.    
NSF, "Walter Leal discusses the mechanisms surrounding the sex pheromones of Japanese beetles.", Press Release 08-106-Video, June 24, 2008
MSNBC, Technology & Science, "Masters of Disguise", April 28, 2008    
Realitatea TV, "Energie din apă de ploaie", February 27, 2008    
La Vanguardia, "La Arquitectura de la Biodiversidad", September 30, 2007
Waugaman, Sandra. Mustangs on the Beach, The Wild Horses of Currituck.
Corolla, NC: Corova Beach Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary, 2005
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