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I've been an amateur photographer since high school. I started like many others by taking a photography class and then I went on to work for the school yearbook. While still in high school I spent one summer working in a portrait studio and quickly decided that the crying children and fussy parents end of photography wasn't the direction I wanted to go. After a brief military experience, I went to work for a special events company. Two great things happened to me there. I met my wife and I began to use my camera to document the work we did. The job also provided many opportunities for travel and I soon learned that what I truly liked was combining my love for the outdoors and photography.   me at sedona
William Vann climbing a mountain in Crested Butte, Colorado   That love of the outdoors was one of the things that Debbie and I had in common. It was also one of the things we tried to instill in our daughters. The first was born in 1985 and the second in 1988. At times, I toyed with the idea of making nature photography more than just an avocation. My pictures made for nice family presents but I dreamed of having my photographs appreciated by others with perhaps a more critical voice. To that end I began building a darkroom in my garage. It was not to be. That same year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Debbie had a bone marrow transplant in 1990 that gave us a precious four more years. When she passed in 1994, I went back to school and got a bachelors degree in history and a masters in special education with the goal of being a teacher. Going to school, and then later teaching, gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughters and do the kind of travel that had become a tradition with us. It renewed my love of the outdoors and photography. I began drawing with a computer early in my education career simply because I could not find the kind of images I wanted for my students. Then I switched to digital photography and have not been able to stop clicking since.

  William Vann's daughters at Yellowstone National Park
William photographing mushrooms in Louisiana   I began EduPic in 2006 as a way to share my work with other teachers and their students. When I started this site, I was an instructional technology integrator with Chesterfield County in Virginia, teaching science and special education. I loved what I did. It was the best of teaching. I had the opportunity to work with a great number of dedicated teachers and administrators and got to teach children in different grade levels and various schools. With the economic downturn, my position was cut and I happily returned to the classroom for a year. I have now relocated to the beautiful state of Arizona and am I thrilled to announce that I am embarking on a career drawing from my experience to teach future teachers. Once again I find that I am lucky enough to love the work that I do.
I am also a very proud father of two amazing young women. My eldest daughter has followed her dream and is a graduate student in animal behavior and entomology at a university on the west coast. Many of the insect and nature photographs on EduPic were taken on field outings with her. My youngest completed masters degree in gender studies at a university in the east. She is a dedicated social activist and a skilled writer.   William Vann's daugthers
Me at the Petrified Forest   I try to add photographs and drawings to EduPic as often as I can. I have begun to address the disparity between science and the other disciplines. I added a contributors' section and will post images there as my colleagues give them to me to share. If you want to use my images for publication, please email me. I have happily granted permission for all the requests that I have received to date. I love getting emails telling me that you enjoyed my images or appreciate this site. I make no money from EduPic and all of the costs come out of my pocket, so any word of gratitude is greatly valued.
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