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Are you an educational professional? Are you an active or retired teacher, administrator, specialist, or any of the other wonderful people who help to make our schools and students successful?

Do you live near a national landmark or one of the thousands of spectacular natural places so plentiful in North America? Do you have a rare species living in your backyard or nearby park? Or, do you live in a place that you know is so fantastic that we just have to see it, have to capture it in photographs?

  Icicle with Water Drop
Grand Canyon   Do you have a spare bed, long couch, or floor space that you'd be willing to share with a very appreciative teacher and photographer? Do you like to meet new people? If you answered yes to all or most of the questions above then please read on.

I do enjoy meeting other educational professionals and I love to travel to new places and get new images for EduPic. While I have a fuel efficient vehicle and can afford the travel, it is usually the cost of accommodations that make all the trips I'd love to take well outside of my budget.

I cannot offer anything in return but good company and conversation, my eternal gratitude, a chance to join me in the field if you'd like, and write-up describing your graciousness on my site.

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If you're still interested, please read my bio under Info on the main menu so you'll know a bit about me and shoot me an email.

I figure we will have a few emails back and forth and probably talk on the phone so that we are both comfortable with the arrangements. If you've read this far, I hope to meet you soon.

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I hope to have some new friends here soon!    
Thank you for visiting EduPic.    

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